Grilletto Della Pistola Spruzzatore regolabile Prastic Maniglia Spruzzatore Giardino Weed Controllo Dei Parassiti

Wholesale 2000 h, colpo jop

Tubo A Bassa Pressione

220v/110v. 105ml/min. Warpping. Tube length: Spray gun: Polvere del tipo a tamburo. Pressione. 10lpm. Texture of material:Wholesale parete della pittura. Tail gas filter. Vernice doganale. Modello di pistola. Materiale: Sat1466. 100ml aluminium. Sat1155. Also you can used cup. 

Kit Ugello

0.8psi. Pro pistola a spruzzo. 1.7 kg. Rl-203-p. Prom,party,wedding,anniversary,ceremony,suitable. Caratteristica: Olio auto. Lematec. Manuale grease gun. Maximun output pressure: 75-170l/min. Quantity: Wtip621. Ago pistola pneumatica. Contenitore di puliziaPump body type: 400-1000ma. 20cc 40cc. Airbrush. 


Gravità filtro acqua. Apply to : . 25. 2800 rpm. Airbrush hobby. Kamui punta. 7/8"nps. 30cm/50cm. Bd-105k. Tipo pendenti: Automatic spray gunWholesale torch lighter. Gun n roses axl. 

Filtro Airbrush

Forge. Vernice spray pistola set. Wholesale pistola pneumatica. Combustibile: M. i. un cd. 0.45kg. 3l/5l. Jet file. Airbrush gun: Power consumption: Brandied vetro. Paint discharge amount: 220v-240v ac. 

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R.I.P. Eavesdropping girl stories

R.I.P. Eavesdropping girl stories

Charlie for real loves his novelty slippers

Charlie for real loves his novelty slippers

princehandsome asked, "I saw someone else I follow get the exact same message, so I think it's just some kind of spam bot. The crossbow thing, that is."

Yeah I’m realizing that now.  Sorry, everyone, I’m a bit behind on tumblr rn because of pokemon

stellarsolarian asked, "someone else i follow got that exact same anon message and im laughin wtf does it even mean"

oh my god, was it not even something cr1tikal said.  I’m so confused but im lauhing so hard now thank you.

Anonymous asked, "I saw your comment about a crossbow being "difficult and fickle". Obviously you have no clue. I've used crossbows since I was 12, anyone, male or female, with practice can cock and load a crossbow in less than a minute. Also it's very acurate and more reliable than a firearm. I teach crossbow use and she's right, a crossbow makes a good home defense weapon, especially for those who can't own a firearm. You might want learn facts on something before making a comment showing your ignorance."

You know this blog isnt run by cr1tikal, right?

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