Progress towards malaria elimination in Zimbabwe with special reference to the period 2003–2015

Across the globe, the emergence of complex societies excites intense academic debate in archaeology and allied disciplines. Not surprisingly, in southern Africa the traditional assumption that the evolution of socio-political complexity began with ideological transformations from K2 to Mapungubwe between CE and is clouded in controversy. However, new fieldwork at Mapela Hill, when coupled with a Bayesian chronology, offers tremendous fresh insights which refute this orthodoxy. Firstly, Mapela possesses enormous prestige stone-walled terraces whose initial construction date from the 11 th century CE, almost two hundred years earlier than Mapungubwe. Thirdly, with a hilltop and flat area occupation since the 11 th century CE, Mapela exhibits evidence of class distinction and sacred leadership earlier than K2 and Mapungubwe, the supposed propagators of the Zimbabwe culture. Fourthly, Mapungubwe material culture only appeared later in the Mapela sequence and therefore post-dates the earliest appearance of stone walling and dhaka floors at the site. Since stone walls, dhaka floors and class distinction are the essence of the Zimbabwe culture, their earlier appearance at Mapela suggests that Mapungubwe can no longer be regarded as the sole cradle of the Zimbabwe culture. This demands not just fresh ways of accounting for the rise of socio-political complexity in southern Africa, but also significant adjustments to existing models. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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The cases in its sights include dodgy suppliers, scooters, water tanks and the Beitbridge fence. The science of reopening schools must be looked at through the lens of inequality, not chances of infection. Charlotte Maxeke has prototyped and developed an in-demand protective device in the process. Seventy-one-year-old hospitality studies teacher Judith Swart says nothing can replace face-to-face teaching. NSPCA has gone to court to stop the export of 56, sheep, but exporters say their conditions are humane.

The state can do so much — the collective mindset must change to make progress against gender-based violence.

Children’s fundamental right to education in Zimbabwe. 5. [Date of commencement: 8th June, ] PART I (1) Schools in Zimbabwe shall be classified—.

Chatter in WhatsApp groups became eerily still in an online social landscape where almost half of all internet usage occurs on the messaging platform. Reporters for Chat and other news outlets were told to stay home, in part for their own safety. But much of the country was without access to Facebook, WhatsApp, or mobile network service. The internet was turned back on when a High Court ruling declared the internet shutdown illegal six days after the first blackout began, but tensions continue to roil dialogues about media freedom in Zimbabwe.

The crackdown on social media, in part, is a demonstration of how the WhatsApp corner of the internet has become a powerful space for Zimbabweans. WhatsApp facilitated the spread of misinformation during elections in Brazil and has contributed to caste-based violence and mob killings in India. But it can also serve as a platform for democratized distribution of news in a country with a storied history of oppressing government critics.

Independent media in Zimbabwe are turning to WhatsApp as a primary distributor of news in the midst of an information landscape that is shifting to social platforms. State broadcasters and newspapers have long dominated the media, but alternative platforms began to exist and gain increasing traction in the last years of the Mugabe era.

Zimbabwe, with a population of

Zimbabwe’s economic crisis driving homeless boys into illegal gay sex trade

A street child stands outside a former Toyota garage where he lives in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, on April 22, After running away from his abusive stepmother last year, Tapiwa turned to sex work to earn a living on the streets. He is one of the rising number of homeless children in a nation crippled by a cash crunch that has led to shortages of fuel and price hikes of basic necessities. Child rights’ groups said the sexual abuse of underage girls was widely discussed but to date little attention had been given to the boys caught up in the sex trade to survive.

from an Early to a Late Iron Age; and the origins of the Zimbabwe Culture. THE EARLY IRON but the unity and dating of the Eastern Stream are not contested. The should be classified as mergers of Central and Western Stream. Some jar.

At the time, she was 17 years old. Although she had had sexual relationships since the age of 15, she had been afraid to visit a government health facility for information or contraception services before then. In fact, under Zimbabwean law the age of consent for sexual intercourse is Like Tendai, many adolescent girls whom we spoke to, told us that they were chased from clinics for being too young, despite their need for sexual and reproductive health services and advice, sometimes as the victims of sexual exploitation.

Other members of the community, including teachers, parents, non-governmental organisations NGOs and community health workers who spoke to Amnesty International were also confused about the age at which adolescents can access sexual and reproductive health services without parental consent. They highlighted the stigma of pre-marital sex. Many felt that allowing adolescents to access such services and information was akin to their condoning sexual activity, which was taboo.

But this reasoning ignores realities. Many adolescents are sexually active from an early age and adolescent pregnancy rates are rising. Some may be freely choosing to engage in sexual activity with each other, while many others are victims of child marriage, sexual violence or exploitation. Entrenched taboos around adolescent sexuality, barriers to health services and a failure to provide comprehensive sexual education in schools keep adolescents dangerously cut off from information that is vital to protect their well-being and futures.

Girls who became pregnant also faced human rights violations.

Home Office faces legal cases over Zimbabwean asylum seekers

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In February , Zimbabwe adopted a new local currency unit, the RTGS dollar, which means of applying an objective cycle-dating rule to a large data set.).

Going forward, we remain committed to working well with church to advance the national development agenda, as a united people. Those who want to enter the political realm are welcome to do so. The letter resonated with attempts by opposition political parties to attract international spotlight on Zimbabwe after losing the Presidential elections. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Zimbabwe gems classed as ‘blood diamonds’

Political Accidents in Zimbabwe. Just four days later, on 20 August, amid public statements of grief from across the political spectrum, and growing speculation about the cause of his death, Mujuru’s remains were buried at the National Heroes Acre in Harare at a huge state funeral attended by tens of thousands of people. After the ‘inexplicable, horrendous fire accident’ -as Mugabe then described it 1 – there was only a ‘small pile of charred bones and ash’ to be buried, and workers reportedly needed ‘shovels to scrape his remains off the floor’.

Zimbabweans lined up to pay their respects to their former President Robert Mugabe as his coffin lay in Harare’s Rufaro Stadium, Friday.

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Education Act [Chapter 25:04]

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Ordinary Shares will only be traded on the JSE and the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange with Nedbank on or around the date of the Pre-listing Statement. income securities are classified as financial assets at fair value through.

There are 13 other countries on the list, including Pakistan, Zimbabwe , and Iraq. While Zimbabwe was ordinary, it was also powerfully captivating. Unlike my peers who were mostly going to Britain or Spain, I chose Zimbabwe. And my beloved Zimbabwe has sunk from a promising beacon into an abyss of greed and dictatorship. A few days after graduation from college, I rushed back to Zimbabwe. So a police-boy from the town camp was sent on to escort them, and the Zimbabwe camp notified by runner of their approach.

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