The 15 biggest data breaches of the 21st century

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Yahoo is deleting all content ever posted to Yahoo Groups

Updated 10 Jan This archive contains functions for downloading daily stock price information from both Google and Yahoo! Finance as well as helpful utility functions.

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All 3 Billion Yahoo Accounts Were Affected by 2013 Attack

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“Stocks are for trading. Any shareholder has the right to deal stock anytime on the market, for any purpose. We’re happy to have had Yahoo invest.

Yahoo’s announcement that state-sponsored hackers have stolen the details of at least million accounts shocks both through scale — it’s the largest data breach ever — and the potential security implications for users. That’s because Yahoo, unlike MySpace, LinkedIn and other online services that suffered large breaches in recent years, is an email provider; and email accounts are central to users’ online lives.

Not only are email addresses used for private communications, but they serve as recovery points and log-in credentials for accounts on many other websites. An email compromise is one of the worst data breaches that a person could experience online, so here’s what you should know:. Yahoo said that the “vast majority” of the stolen account passwords were hashed with bcrypt.

Hashing is a one-way cryptographic operation that transforms data into a set of random-looking characters that serves as its unique representation — this is called a hash. Hashes are not supposed to be reversible, so they’re a good way to store passwords. You take input, such as a password, pass it through a hashing algorithm and compare it to a previously stored hash.

This provides a way to verify passwords at log-in time without actually storing them in plain text in the database. But not all hashing algorithms offer equal protection against password cracking attacks that attempt to guess which plaintext password generated a specific hash. Unlike the ageing MD5, which is quite easy to crack if implemented without additional security measures, bcrypt is considered a much stronger algorithm.

This means that in theory, the likelihood of hackers cracking “the vast majority” of Yahoo passwords is very low. But here’s the problem: Yahoo’s wording suggests that most, but not all passwords were hashed with bcrypt.

Yahoo spin-out Altaba is selling its entire Alibaba stake and closing down

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Not long ago, a breach that compromised the data of a few million people would have been big news. Now, breaches that affect hundreds of millions or even billions of people are far too common. About 3. The smallest incident on this list involved the data of a mere million people. CSO compiled this list of the biggest 21 st Century breaches using simple criteria: The number of people whose data was compromised.

We also made a distinction between incidents where data was stolen for malicious intent and those where an organization inadvertently left data unprotected and exposed. Twitter, for example, left the passwords of its million users unmasked in a log, but there was no evidence of any misuse. So, Twitter did not make this list.

Without further ado, here, listed in alphabetical order, are the 15 biggest data breaches in recent history, including who was affected, who was responsible, and how the companies responded. Date: October Impact: The stolen data spanned 20 years on six databases and included names, email addresses and passwords.

The weak SHA-1 hashing algorithm protected most of those passwords.

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Last Updated on August 5, Google is currently the leading search engine by a large margin, but it owes a lot to AltaVista. In the early days of the web, AltaVista broke ground in search technology.

You’ll have until that date to save anything you’ve uploaded.” The notice links to one Yahoo webpage that provides instructions for downloading.

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What email providers are eligible for email connection? What do I need to know before I connect a Yahoo! How do I connect my email address so I can get credit for my e-receipts automatically?

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Yahoo Groups is shutting down after more than 18 years, and the Verizon-owned company is deleting all content from the site in mid-December. You’ll have until that date to save anything you’ve uploaded. This page notes that “It can take up to 30 days for the request to finish processing and the download to become available. Although the Yahoo Groups site will continue to exist after December 14, “all public groups will be made private or restricted,” Yahoo said. Users will continue to “be able to communicate with your groups via email and search for private groups on the site,” and admins will retain “limited access to group settings and administration tools,” but that’s it.

The Yahoo Groups site already feels neglected. Visiting the homepage today, I saw a list of groups that hadn’t been active in years. The home page also links to the Yahoo Groups official blog , which hasn’t been updated since October When you click on a group, you’ll see a notice at the top of the page that warns about the impending shutdown. Yahoo launched Groups on January 30, , saying in a press release that the site would help users “build relationships, stay in touch, share ideas, and discuss interests through the convenience of popular e-mail and Web-based tools.

In , Yahoo said there were million Yahoo Groups users and 10 million groups, eWeek reported at the time.

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Learn how you can earn reputation points and be on the leaderboard. Both Google and Yahoo! seem to allow the use of financial data for Generating the proper start end date and parsing these into the string is straight forward: %% date That’s what I changed in getYahooDailyData.m to make it work (I also left original.

If you’ve received an email from Yahoo in recent weeks alerting you to a data breach settlement, now is the time to pay attention and take action. Any U. For consumers who didn’t incur any out-of-pocket expenses from the breach, you have a few options at this point in the process, including doing nothing. But with several deadlines fast-approaching, here’s a look at the ways to respond. Credit monitoring is a service that alerts you when there are any changes to your personal information or new credit inquiries.

This can include normal updates, such as a change to your address when you move, to potentially fraudulent activity, such as someone opening up a credit card in your name. This service provides assistance for those who actually experience identity theft or fraud, everything from canceling and replacing credit and debit cards to recovering financial losses. It’s worth noting that while this service is more robust than many of the free credit monitoring services such as Credit Karma , Credit Sesame and Mint , it can’t prevent identity theft or credit card fraud, nor does it prevent scam emails or phone calls.

And while Steinberg says this is a “grossly inadequate” service to protect people after a data breach, if you don’t already have this layer of protection set up, then “you may as well get it,” he says. To claim this benefit, you’ll need to fill out a claim form for basic account holders and select the Option 1 Credit Monitoring Services. To file a claim, you’ll need to provide personal details, including your home address and contact information, as well as your Yahoo account info.


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